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Equipment with Remote Communication

The fourth industrial revolution emphasizes digital technology, taking it to new levels through the exploitation of the Internet of Things, access to real-time data and cyber-physical systems.


Industry 4.0 connects the physical and the digital, allowing better collaboration between partners, suppliers and workers, it also facilitates access to data by business owners and allows them to take advantage of the information obtained instantly to improve processes and productivity.


¿What would happen if your MT distribution device could talk?

Our latest SM6 medium voltage switchgear offers real-time visibility into the status of your equipment to reduce risk and increase efficiency.

As part of our MV equipment series and the result of over 25 years of experience, our EcoStruxure compatible SM6 switchgear takes substation monitoring to the next level.


Identify poor quality electrical connections faster with thermal monitoring, extend the life of your equipment with environmental monitoring, or collect data on switch performance.


Have all the information at your fingertips for unmatched visibility to ensure equipment performance and reduce maintenance costs.



  • 24/7 connectivity allows access to real-time data for effective decision making

  • Reduced downtime and optimized maintenance costs

  • Reduced risk to personnel and equipment with internal arc flash detection and close operation

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